Sunday, December 22, 2013

Has it really been that long?

Wow, I can't believe it has been almost a year since I last posted. Apparently blogs don't write themselves. Who knew?  Well a LOT has happened over that past year so I think the best way to recap and bring this lovely blog up to date is in photos. So I now present to you,

The Sirens year in review 

Hubby & I @ the Cheveron Christmas party 2012

It was really cold in the Pacific Northwest... 

So we got sad....

But I found a smile in my coffee.

And hubby sent me cute pictures.
But we knew that it was time for a change, so we packed up and moved to sunny Southern California. 

Love our new casa!!!!

Even got to see a baby hummingbird in its nest. Amazingly beautiful!

Finally had my cards read. 

Drank mimosas & acted silly... A lot!

We took the doggies to the beach often.

Got season passes to Disneyland, & went often...

Even got to dine at Disney 33... WOW doesn't even begin to cover the awesomeness of this day.

Learned how to poach my own eggs.. Awesome!

And I took a sushi class with my new friend Davis.

I made yummy pomegranate jelly

And a thanksgiving turkey. 

Me & my man at the 2013 Chevron Christmas party. 

That pretty much brings thing up to this lovely tree in the living room

It has been a great year and I am so thankful for all that I have and all that I have done. 


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Light & Love to All!

In light of the days events, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest sympathies to all who where effected by today's tragedies.

This world we live in is a crazy one and crazy things happen, so count your blessings, kiss your loved ones, be good Sirens and most important, please send light and love to all. Even those that may do us harm because we are all energy and that energy links us together.

Thoughts are things so please only good thoughts, even when things seem to be at the darkest hour.

I love you all. Be well and take care of each other.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well lovelies it has finally happened…

I had heard it rumored that 12/12/12 was some kind of a magical date. I know that a lot of couples tied the knot yesterday and some lucky little boy turned 12 and Yahoo gave him a party with doughnuts in the shape of the number 12. I mean seriously that alone is magical. But for me it just seemed like a normal day.

I got up supper early (4am), primped and dressed for work, made my coffee, drove the 30+ miles to my office and proceeded to perform my day job to the best of my ability (OK maybe that last part is a bit of a stretch ‘cuz yesterday was a little slow and I did drop in on the nail solon around lunch time for a quick polish change and maybe I spent a little too much time perusing Pintrest. But with regard to that last part I really couldn’t help myself because I think my addiction to Pintrest could be classified as clinical and I have yet to find a cure. OK maybe I haven’t even looked for one because I LOVE that site SOOOOO much it is ridiculous) and went home to start packing for our trip to see the family this weekend.
*Speaking of this upcoming trip, I hope to have lots of great stories or at least photos to share with you and even more that I wouldn’t dare share J
Any who, back to the magic of 12/12/12…
So as I often do at the end of the day and before I go bedie bye, I logged on to my e-mail (I do this mostly because I cannot stand that little number that shows up on my iphone telling me how many unread e-mail I have and I like all of my e-mails to be either filed in their appropriate folder or deleted – I know this may be a bit obsessive but what are ya gon-a do?) It was while I was reading, deleting and filing that I spotted it… An e-mail from ETSY. Not so out of the ordinary because I get a few from them every day but this one was different. This e-mail was the official notification from ETSY stating “CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST SALE”! I opened it and sat there for a moment speechless. Don’t get me wrong I have sold many items in the past but until this I had not had much luck with ETSY (possibly because I took the past year completely off – just a thought). So yes 12/12/12 was magical for me and the lucky Siren who will soon receive a beutiful pair of my hand made earrings. Oh happy day!
So before I go I would like to take a moment to say thank you T.T. Bronx, you are awesome! I hope you love your new earrings.
Hematite and Rutilated Quartz

Monday, December 3, 2012

Earrings, Earrings and Yes More Earrings...

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend? I was a very productive little Siren. But WOW the last week flew by without much time to stop and smell the roses. But that’s ok ‘cuz I’m not a big fan of roses anyway, I’m more of a Stargazer girl. They remind me of starfish, go figure.

So any who, last time we checked in with each other I was getting ready to post my new earrings on ETSY. Mission accomplished, they are up now and I must say I am feeling pretty good about that. Take a look and let me know what you think. I think they are simply adorable.

Sterling Silver & Labradorite
Sterling Silver, Garnet & Faceted Crystal
Sterling Silver and Clear Quartz Crystal
Sterling Silver & Moonstone

Sterling Silver, Black Glass & Onyx


Sterling Silver, Hematite & Rutilated Quartz

Sterling Silver & Turquoise

The Sirens Sugar Scrubs are selling very well with many of my local Sirens sisters. I spent some time last night making fresh batches of “Awake: Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Peppermint” and “Jamaican Sun: Coconut, Lime & Vanilla”. You can find all of the available scents at my ETSY site. Get your orders in soon, these will make fantastic Holiday gift.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pretty Little Adornments...

Well hello my Lovelies,
Like many of you, I have been a busy little Siren. Toiling away on projects for the upcoming Holidays and this doesn’t leave much time for crafting witty notes or updating blogs but I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some of the goodies I have been working on recently.

Here are some of the dangly earrings that will be available for purchase via my ETSY account later tonight.
Sterling Silver and Labradorite
Moonstone and Quartz

Sterling Silver and Labradorite
 In case any of you were wondering, I only use Sterling Silver and mostly natural stone beads (sometimes glass if a specific color is desired). I would also like to ask that you not
Judge my photos too harshly. Remember this is just a sneak peek and I took these photos EARLY this morning with the cell phone camera.
And before I forget, my super sweet Sirens Sugar Scrub is available now on ETSY.
Let your inner Siren out… Leave the scales to the fishies!!
Ta-ta for now,


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Week? Really?

Ok maybe I'm just getting old, but in my day we didn't start Christmas shopping until the day after Thanksgiving, and Santa absolutely stayed up at the North Pole until the very end of the Macy's thanksgiving day parade. But these days you can't even get through Halloween before some stores start stocking their shelves with the red and green. And something else that has been bugging me for a while: a certain coffee shop (who shall remain nameless –mostly because I don’t want to take the chance of getting banned from getting my yummy Americano with soy milk) was handing out their special edition holiday cups on November 1st. Come on now i hadn't even gotten the pumpkin off my porch by then. And now we have BLACK FRIDAY WEEK (that doesn’t even make any sense). Add to that the threat of employees picketing Wal-Mart for opening on Thanksgiving day (honestly, I think there are more reason than that to protest them, but that is a whole other rant). Am I the only one who thinks this is freakin’crazy?

My hubby thinks the only reason Black Friday is so popular is so people have an excuse to behave like the true animals they are. Maybe he is on to something. He is a pretty smart guy, after all he was able to tame this Siren.

That's it for now my lovelies. Happy thanksgiving eve.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Even Sirens Get Dry Skin

So here in the Great North West the weather has taken a turn for the cold and wet and as anyone who has lived in a chilly climate knows this often means dry, itchy, uncomfortable skin. This is not pretty to look at, and not uncomfortable.

What is a Siren to do? I tried lotions, and salves, and creams and nothing seemed to work. So out of desperation I went to my kitchen and mixed up a concoction of coconut, olive and grape seed oils. Tossed in some chucky sugar and a dash of vanilla and mixed it all together. The smell was divine! But would it help my dry limbs? Only one way to find out, off to the shower I went.

I’ll skip all of the nitty gritty details of showering to clean the skin and jump straight to scrubbing to exfoliate and soften the skin. I dipped my fingers into the little jar and started to gently rub the sugar and oil on my skin. (Did I mention that this stuff smelled DIVINE?) After thoroughly scrubbing all of my skin I rinsed off the little bits of sugar and extra oils that remained, turned off the water and grabbed my towel and blotted the water droplets off my skin. You will notice that I said “blotted” as opposed to wiped. This was so that I could leave as much of the oil to soak into my skin as possible. A very important step if I do say so myself, and well I guess I just did.

Now normally right after I get out of the shower I have to slather on the lotion before I dress but this time I decided to forgo the lotion and see how moisturized this scrub would make me. This as it turns out was a great decision because by the end of the day my skin was still soft and moist, almost dewy. Could it be? Did I just find a way to beat the dry skin blues? Or was this a fluke? I needed to test this out on other Sirens. So back to the kitchen to mix up a few more batches I went.

With a few freshly mixed jars of this lovely elixir I set out to meet up with a couple of my favorite Sirens. Within a month both of them had nearly used up all of their scrub and were requesting more. I was more than happy to oblige. This time I made a bigger batch and tried a few more scents as well as recruited other Sirens to give it a try. This lovely creation was a hit; I even had people asking if they could buy it… SQUEEEE!!!

“Well of course you may.” I responded, with a huge smile on my face.

So I ask you again, “when her skin is dry and uncomfortable, what is a Siren to do?” Well this Siren’s remedy was sweet, make SUGAR SCRUB.

The only down side is this can leave the shower a tinsy bit slick so you may have to use care so as not to slip. Other than that this stuff is exactly what the Siren ordered.

Will have 16oz jars of my Sirens Sugar Scrub for sale on my ETSY site by this weekend. Watch for them, they will make FANTASTIC holiday gifts.

Ta-ta for now,